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Agriculture & Bioscience

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01 A novel universal multi-nutrient soil extractant for assessing bio-availability of nutrients in soil AB54NABTD 77,000.00
02 A post-harvest technology for development of Intermediate Moisture Shrimp AB32FTD 20,000.00
03 A Process for Development of Phosphorus (P) Fertilizer Formulation from Biosludge AB26NABTD 40,000.00
04 A Process for Development of Zinc (Zn) Fertilizer Formulation from Biosludge AB27NABTD 40,000.00
05 A process for high-throughput analysis of genetic variations in genes related to inherited breast cancer AB29MBD 130,000.00
06 A purely organic, seed dressing bio-fungicide formulation of an improved Trichoderma Virens Mutant Strain with Toxicological and Environment safety data AB18NABTD 232,000.00
07 A Rapid Composting Technology for decomposition of dry leaves, kitchen waste and temple waste AB25NABTD 25,000.00
08 A Rapid, Continuous and Renewable Method for Multiplication of Ophiorrhiza rugosa as a Source of Anti-Cancer Drug Camptothecin AB01NABTD 250,000.00
09 A Rapid, Reproducible and Sustainable Micropropagation Protocol for Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) AB40NABTD 110,000.00
10 A Technology for Xanthan Gum Production With a BARC Strain AB04FTD 250,000.00
11 Ambient Prolonged Storable Meal for Natural Calamities and Other Targets AB02FTD 25,000.00
12 An efficient, rapid and reproducible micropropagation protocol for Ginger (Zingiber officinale L.) AB49NABTD 120,000.00
13 ANU-CHAITANYA (A versatile bioregulator for sustainable crop production) AB52NABTD 100,000.00
14 Banana Health Drink AB33FTD 50,000.00
15 Bio-available curcumin formulations for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications AB23CD 85,000.00
16 Biodegradable Films for Food Packaging Applications AB36FTD 150,000.00
17 Biodegradable packaging films prepared by extrusion processing using Guar Gum and Polyvinyl Alcohol AB50FTD 400,000.00
18 Biopesticide Based on Bacillus Thuringiensis Subsp. Kenyae HD-549 AB03NABTD 150,000.00
19 Biosensor for Methyl Parathion AB28NABTD 26,000.00
20 Biosensor Kit (Biokit) For Detection of Organophosphate and Organocarbamate Pesticides AB37NABTD 50,000.00
21 Cold Plasma based Electroporator for Biological transformation (Electroporation) AB22MBD 49,000.00
22 De-Bittered Bitter Gourd (Karela) juice with high antidiabetic activity AB31FTD 100,000.00
23 Delicious & Preservative free, Shelf Stable Natural Jamun Product AB41FTD 21,000.00
24 Development of Instant Fish Soup Powder AB42FTD 68,000.00
25 Foldable Solar Dryer AB05FTD 10,000.00
26 Gluten Free - Multigrain premix AB39FTD 32,000.00
27 Long Lasting Delicious Strawberry Candy Roll (SCR) AB48FTD 22,000.00
28 Manually operated Bamboo Cutting tool AB47DRHR 1,000.00
29 Mass multiplication medium of Biofungicide Trichoderma spp. AB08NABTD 10,000.00
30 Microfine Neem Biopesticide AB21NABTD 40,000.00
31 Microplate based optical biosensor for detection of Methyl Parathion AB35NABTD 55,000.00
32 Micropropagation of Banana AB10NABTD 100,000.00
33 Micropropagation of Pineapple AB44NABTD 104,000.00
34 Minimally processed ready-to-eat (RTE) apple slices AB38FTD 31,000.00
35 Naturally Fermented fibre fortified Rice / Millet Idli using Moong as an alternative to Urad AB56FTD 32,000.00
36 Nutritious Ready to Eat (RTE) fish spread AB53FTD 22,000.00
37 Partially hydrolyzed guar gum for dietary fiber applications AB11FTD 200,000.00
38 Preparation of Biodegradable Packaging Films using Extrusion Process AB43FTD 200,000.00
39 Process for De-Bittering Fenugreek Seed Extracts AB34FTD 53,000.00
40 Process For Long Lasting Ready- To- Eat (RTE) Intermediate Moisture (IM) Fruit Cubes AB20FTD 20,000.00
41 Process for Retaining Pericarp Colour and Extending Shelf Life Of Litchi AB12FTD 50,000.00
42 Production of Turmeric Based Nutraceutical - TURBOVITA AB30RPCD 300,000.00
43 Safe and Prolonged Storable ‘Legume Sprouts’ and ‘Sweet Corn Kernels’ AB45FTD 15,600.00
44 Shelf Stable Luscious and Nutritious Chiku Fruit Bites AB55FTD 60,000.00
45 Shelf stable oil free potato chips of different flavors AB46FTD 25,000.00
46 Shelf- life extension of hard mature mangoes var. 'Kesar' to enable export via sea-route AB57FTD 340,000.00
47 Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit (SOCDK) AB13NABTD 50,000.00
48 Solar Dryer AB14FTD 48,000.00
49 Superabsorbent BARC-Hydrogel (MRIDAMŔT) (मृदाअमृत) AB51NABTD 180,000.00
50 Trichoderma Chitinase Gene Construct for Plant Transformation AB16NABTD 200,000.00