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Water Technology

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01 Arsenic Removal Filter for Domestic Water Purification WT19AMD
02 Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water by physicochemical process WT01MDS
03 Back-washable Spiral Ultrafiltration Technology for Domestic & Industrial Water Purification WT02MDS
04 Cellulose based Water purifier for Arsenic removal WT21RTDD
05 Chlorine Dioxide releasing polymer for water disinfection (CLEAN) WT23WSCD
06 Cr(VI)DK: Chromium (VI) Detection Kit For Water WT18NCCCM
07 Domestic Water Purification Device Based On Photocatalysis Using Solar Light WT05CHD
08 Fluoride Detection Kit for ground water (FDK) WT07NCCCM
09 High Salt rejecting composite polyamide Revrese Osmosis (RO) membrane for desalination WT08MDS
10 Membrane Assisted Defluoridation Process for Safe Drinking Water WT09MDS
11 Mercury Visual Detection Kit for Ground Water (MVDK) WT24NCCCM
12 Multi Effect Distillation with Thermo Vapour Compression (MED-TVC) Desalination Technology WT22DD
13 Nanocomposite Ultrafiltration Membrane Device For Domestic Drinking Water Purification W.R.T. Arsenic, Iron And Microbial Contaminations WT10MDS
14 On-line Domestic water purifier based on Ultra Filtration Polysulfone membrane WT11MDS
15 Preparation of Composite Polyamide Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane for Brackish Water Desalination WT12MDS
16 Preparation of Thin Film Composite (TFC) Charged Nanofiltration (NF) Membranes WT13MDS
17 Ship borne Desalination Plant/ Fresh Water Generator WT14DD
18 SP-FeDK: Smartphone based Iron detection kit for boiler coolant water WT25NCCCM
19 Technology for Fluoride Remediation from Water (TFRW) [Available for transfer other than Madhya Pradesh (India)] WT20NCCCM
20 UF Membrane Assisted Device for removal of Iron from contaminated water for drinking purposes WT17DD