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Radiation Technology

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01 10 MeV LINAC for Radiation Processing RT17APPD 838,000.00 209,500.00
02 2p Proportional Chamber for calibration of large area coated a/B sources RT01SSPD 468,000.00 117,000.00
03 ANUSPECT Gamma Spectrum Analysis software RT02ED 512,000.00 128,000.00
04 ANUSUCHAK: Dongle for The Detection of Elevated Levels of Gamma Radiation RT20ED 80,000.00 20,000.00
05 Auto TLD Badge Reader (Model TLDBR 7B) RT03RSSD 300,000.00 75,000.00
06 Automated Alpha Particle Irradiator- Bioalpha RT04RBHSD 200,000.00 50,000.00
07 Autonomous Gamma Dose Logger RT14IGCAR 227,000.00 56,750.00
08 Digital Pocket Radiation Dosemeter (DIGIDOSE) RT05RSSD 500,000.00 125,000.00
09 Environmental Gamma Spectroscopy System (EGSS) RT22EMAD 200,000.00 50,000.00
10 Industrial Fluoroscope System (IFS) RT21CDM 130,000.00 32,500.00
11 Low Background Gas Flow Beta Counter RT06RSSD 100,000.00 25,000.00
12 Modified polyurethane (PU) sponge for oily substance removal RT15IRAD 65,000.00 16,250.00
13 Plastic Scintillators for Radiation Detection RT11RPCD 200,000.00 50,000.00
14 Production of oxides single crystals (Al2O3, Y3Al5O12) of 25mm diameter and 75mm length RT23TPD 1,104,000.00 276,000.00
15 Quick Scan Whole Body Monitor RT19RSSD 480,000.00 120,000.00
16 Radiation Monitoring Watch (RMW) RT16RSSD 39,000.00 9,750.00
17 Setting up of a Gamma Radiation Processing Plant (RPP) RT12BRIT 1,000,000.00 250,000.00
18 Super Cotton (super absorbent for removal of oily substance from aqueous media) RT13IRAD 60,000.00 15,000.00
19 Technology to Grow Single Crystals of CsI:Tl and Fabrication of Radiation Detectors RT08TPD 400,000.00 100,000.00
20 Technology to Grow Single Crystals of NaI:Tl and Fabrication of Radiation Detectors RT09TPD 500,000.00 125,000.00
21 TLD Badge for Personnel Monitoring RT10RPAD 60,000.00 15,000.00
22 Ultra Flexible Lead-Free X-Ray Shields RT18CHD 400,000.00 100,000.00

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