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01 100kW, 35kV Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Gun Column for Metalurgical Application EG17APPD 672,000.00
02 12 kW, 80 kV Electron Beam Welding Machine EG01LPTD 630,000.00
03 140J, 225kV, 6kA, Flash X-ray generator EG02APPD 990,000.00
04 70 kJ, 25 kV Electromagnetic Manufacturing Equipment (EME) EG03APPD 1,020,000.00
05 Advanced Master Slave Manipulator (MSMs) [ Package of (ERM) technologies] EG04DRHR 350,000.00
06 Advanced Master Slave Manipulator (MSMs) [ Package of (TPM) technologies] EG04DRHR 350,000.00
07 Advanced PC based Acoustic Emission Analyser for Non -Destructive Testing & Evaluation EG05CNID 500,000.00
08 Air Plasma Torch EG10LPTD 1,200,000.00
09 BLDC Motor Based 5 HP Solar Water Pump EG13CSDD 180,000.00
10 Compact Pulsed Plasma Based High Pressure Shock Wave Generators for Constrained Liquid Immersed Spaces EG09APPD 850,000.00
11 Composite metal membrane reactor for production/separation/recovery of high-purity hydrogen EG14MDS 330,000.00
12 Emergency Leakage Arresting Device EG06DRHR 192,000.00
13 Liquid Helium (LHe) Dewar of 1000 L Nominal Capacity EG12CRTD 500,000.00
14 Liquid Nitrogen Based Transportable Refrigeration System for Vaccine - Sheetal Vahak Yantra (SHIVAY-V) EG18RRCAT 920,000.00
15 Liquid Nitrogen Based Transportable Refrigeration System- Sheetal Vahak Yantra (SHIVAY) EG16RRCAT 920,000.00
16 Mixed-matrix membrane diaphragm for separator applications in electrochemical cells EG15MDS 100,000.00
17 Optional accessory: Capacitor Charging Power Supply (CCPS) for EME EG03APPD01 360,000.00
18 RF/Microwave Substrates EG11RRCAT 700,000.00
19 Robotic System for Stacking Objects using Machine Vision EG07DRHR 300,000.00