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01 A process for synthesis of o-Tolylbenzonitrile (OTBN), an advanced intermediate for anti-hypertensive - sartan group of drugs. CH38BOD 160,000.00
02 Accurate estimation of Alcohol content in alcoholic products through easy Synthesis of BODIPY dye CH35BOD 120,000.00
03 Active Reagent Cartridge for Hazardous Fume Extraction from Chemical Storage Cabinet CH42EMAD 270,000.00
04 Aluminium Visual Detection Kit (AVDK) for the Rapid Detection in Dialysis Fluids and Ground Waters CH37NCCCM 42,000.00
05 ChemoMechanical Magneto Rheological Finishing (CMMRF) Machine CH01PED 200,000.00
06 Compact and portable metal nano-powder generator in repetitive mode CH27PP&EMD 180,000.00
07 Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Monitor (Model-1) CH32ACD 77,000.00
08 Flame Retardant Cotton Cloth CH22LPTD 200,000.00
09 H2S Sensor with Monitor CH03CHDTPD-2 212,000.00
10 High purity tri-methyl gallium (99.999%) CH02CHD 615,000.00
11 High-Efficiency Distillation Columns for Separation of Fluid Mixtures CH23HWD 1,000,000.00
12 Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor (Synthetic Diamond film) CH03CHDTPD-1 250,000.00
13 Laser Dye Pyrromethane 567 & 597 (PM567 & 597) CH17LPTDBOD 60,000.00
14 LOW-CARBON FERRO-ALLOYS (FeV, FeMo, FeNb, FeW, FeTi, FeCr & FeB) CH21MP&CED 100,000.00
15 Magnesium-gallium alloy for the synthesis of trialkylgallium compounds CH04CHD 760,000.00
16 pH Measurement System For Slurry Batch Process CH18ChD 576,000.00
17 Porous Polysulfone diaphragm as separator in Electrochemical process CH05MDS 125,000.00
18 Portable Room Temperature Ammonia Sensor CH06CHD 235,000.00
19 Portable Room Temperature Sulfur Dioxide Sensor CH07CHD 92,000.00
20 Preparation of CaS04: Dy TLD Phosphor CH08CHD 80,000.00
21 Preparation of Pb-Li alloy by fused salt electrolysis CH33MSD 125,000.00
22 Process for production of copper selective polymeric resins EG23MP&CED 191,000.00
23 Process for Synthesis of Poly-Acrylamide-Hydroxamate (PAH) Resin for Recovery of Selective Metal Ions CH40DMTD 127,500.00
24 Production of abrasive grade Boron Carbide powder (3 tonnes/ annum) CH14MP&CED 100,000.00
25 Production of Cobalt Metal Powder and Fabrication of Cobalt Metal shapes CH43MP&CED 1,120,000.00
26 Production of Intumescent Rigid Polyurethane Foam CH09RTD 427,000.00
27 Production of Titanium diboride (TiB2) powder and densification of TiB2 dense flat shapes CH30MP&CED 363,000.00
28 Production of Tungsten metal powder and fabrication of Tungsten (W) and Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WHA) CH20MP&CED 1,500,000.00
29 Production of Zirconium diboride (ZrB2) powder and fabrication of high density ZrB2 shapes CH31MP&CED 405,000.00
30 Sodium Hypochlorite Electrolyser Plant (SHEP) CH26ChED 17,000.00
31 Synthesis of cathode (LiFePO4)/carbon and anode (Li4Ti5O12) material for lithium ion battery CH16ChD 150,000.00
32 Synthesis of High Purity 1,3-Dioctyloxycalix[4]arene-18-crown-6 (Calix-Crown-6) CH41PSDD 650,000.00
33 Synthesis of High Purity Tetra-2-ethylhexyl-Diglycolamide (T2EHDGA) CH36PSDD 577,500.00
34 Synthesis of NMC cathode for lithium ion battery CH24CHD 500,000.00
35 Table Top Static Gas Sensing Unit (Model: TPD-BARC-16CH) CH15TPD 94,400.00
36 Thermal Analysis Data Station Software System CH13CD 550,000.00
37 Ultrapurification of Arsenic (PROMOTIONAL TT FEE for this technology is under review.) CH10CHD
38 Ultrapurification of Gallium CH11CHD
39 Visual Detection Kit for alcohol content in hand sanitizers CH29NCCCM 45,000.00
40 Visual Detection kit for melamine content in adulterated milk CH39RPCD 204,000.00
41 Visual Detection Kit for monitoring ethanol in petrol CH34NCCCM 135,000.00
42 Zone Refining Unit CH12CHD 280,000.00