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Advanced Instrumentation

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01 60 kW RF Broadband Dual Directional Coupler AI23RRCAT
02 Agni Rakshak - Raman optical fiber based distributed fire sensor system AI36RRCAT
03 Compact Full Range Vacuum Gauge with Electronic Control Unit (FRVG) AI01TPD
04 Compact High Stability High voltage Power Supply (5kV/2mA) AI14TPD
05 Compact SMPS for Triode Sputter Ion Pump AI10TPD01
06 Cumulative automatic air moisture collection sampler using Peltier cooling technology AI33EMAD
07 D/H Mass Spectrometer AI02TPD
08 Digital Current Integrator AI37VECC
09 Digital Nano-Ammeter AI15VECC
10 Distress Alarm Device- NIRBHAYA AI03ED-2
11 Fast Current Transformer (FCT) AI24APPD
12 Helium Leak Detector AI19TPD
13 High Coulomb Sparkgap Switch (HCS-500T) EG27PP&EMD
14 High Temperature Vertical Dilatometer AI11CHD
15 High-stability, Current-controlled, Card-based, True-bipolar, Switch-mode Power Converter for Electromagnets AI30RRCAT
16 High-stability, Current-controlled, Card-based, Unipolar, Switch-mode Power Converter for Electromagnets AI29RRCAT
17 Hydrogen gas Sensor AI34TPD
18 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS) AI04TPD
19 Isolated Multi-channel DAQ for Multi-cell Stack Systems AI35AMMD
20 Laser Vibrometer (Kampan) AI12LPTD
21 Laser-Screen Projectile Velocimeter AI16L&PTD
22 Low Temperature (10-300 K) Semi-adiabatic Heat Pulse Calorimeter AI20CHD
24 Optical Spectrometer AI06PED
25 Optional accessory: Data Acquisition system for QMS AI07TPD01
26 Pico-Ammeter AI17VECC
27 Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QMS) AI07TPD
28 Radio Frequency amplifier modules AI27RRCAT
29 Radio Frequency Directional Power Sensor AI22RRCAT
30 RFID based Hand Held Reader for Attendance Recording AI13VECC
31 RFID Reader/ Writer for Library Management System AI18VECC
32 Rigid Coaxial Transitions AI28RRCAT
33 Secure Network Access System (SNAS) AI38SECTD
34 Seismic Switch (Analog) AI08RTD
35 Seismic Switch (Digital) AI09RTD
36 Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer AI31EmA&ID
37 Triode Sputter Ion Pumps AI10TPD
38 Tungsten filament based Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with imaging resolution of 20nm AI32SESSD
39 Ultra Sensitive-Flexi Range Pulsating Sensor Based Conductivity Meter AI21IGCAR
40 Variable Collimated Hollow Laser Beam Generator AI25RRCAT