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Medical Equipments

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01 Bhabha Cart : Semi-automated Staircase Climbing Trolley MD13DRHR 55,000.00
02 Body Composition Analyser MD01ED 275,000.00
03 Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Machine MD02DRHR 1,000,000.00
04 DEAP: A Device to Ease Apnea Problem MD19DRHR 45,000.00
05 Digital Radiotherapy Simulator MD03DRHR 2,000,000.00
06 DNA Microrrayer System MD10DRHR 120,000.00
07 Dust Respirator and Airline Respirator MD04HPD 100,000.00
08 Extra-Cellular Acidity Analyzer (ECAA) MD12ChD 35,500.00
09 Handheld 12-Channel Tele-ECG Instrument MD05ED 225,000.00
10 kVp Meter and Exposure Timer MD06ACND 130,000.00
11 Multi Leaf Collimator (MLC) System MD09DRHR 1,000,000.00
12 NeelBhasmi- UV based area sanitization device to inactivate various micro-organisms including corona viruses MD18RRCAT 20,000.00
13 Nitrogen Oxides Releasing Wound Dressing MD08WSCD 150,000.00
14 OncoDiagnoScope MD15RRCAT 405,000.00
15 Peripheral Pulse Analyzer MD07ED 100,000.00
16 Raman probe MD16RRCAT 171,000.00
17 Spot Picker Robot for Proteomics MD11DRHR 140,000.00
18 Tuberculoscope - A low cost fluorescence imaging device for rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) MD14RRCAT 400,000.00
19 Vision Enhancement Module (VEM) MD17RRCAT 99,000.00
20 Visual Detection Kit for alcohol content in hand sanitizers CH29NCCCM 45,000.00