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Remotely Operated Self- Locking Fixture for Wall Mounted Equipment for Contaminated Enclosures

The fixture is remotely operable for mounting fittings inside enclosures with restricted access.

The mechanism is very simple, with no maintainable parts on the stationary unit, easy to operate and maintain remotely. It is a standalone fitting and can be installed from outside the enclosure and without the need of manipulators or any other equipment. Equipped with self-locking feature and no separate mechanism is required to secure the gadget.

  1. Practically no operation cost and negligible maintenance cost. Fixture can be mounted within a couple of minutes with a semi-skilled operator.
  2. Adaptable to chambers with varying wall thickness and offers helium leak tightness.
  3. Installation requires no viewing window & hence illumination inside the chamber.
  4. Helium Leak tested at 1 Bar using sniffer method.

A remotely operated self-locking fixture for wall mounted equipment for enclosures with restricted access is a fixture designed with two types of securing arrangement, one meant for permanent engagement with the wall and the other is meant for the transporting the intended instrument / gadget. The mechanism features installation & removal of the instrument / gadget remotely from other side of a partition wall as thick as 2 mtr. or even higher and more importantly the entire operation can be carried out without viewing arrangement, hence no need for in-cell illumination during installation, while the dome fixture will be engaged with the wall in a leak tight manner.

  1. The mechanism is very simple, compact, easy to fabricate, highly robust, easy to install, operate and maintain remotely.
  2. Capable of installation with self-locking of the instruments without the need for separate expensive and maintenance prone manipulators or other such equipment.
  3. Adaptable to chambers with varying wall thickness.
  4. Helium leak tested up to 1 Bar
  5. Ergonomically designed to support blind fold installation in a very short time.


Sr. No.SpecificationValue
1Stationary UnitStainless steel or other suitable material as per end use
2Mobile UnitStainless steel or other suitable material as per end use
3Guide RodCarbon steel or other suitable material as per end use
4Stationary Unit “O” Ring
  1. Material: EPDM (100 % pure)
  2. Hardness: Shore A 75 ± 5
5Fitting Flange Gasket
  1. Material: EPDM (100 % pure)
  2. Hardness: Shore A 50 ± 5
6FastnersStainless steel or other suitable material as per end use
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